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About Me

Hey There,


-photographer-  providing candid, artistic, and joyful experiences

-collector of awesome shoes

- lover of people, animals, and all of nature



You Probably 

Want to look at my work-

Ya- I get that-

That is understandable,

But first I want to talk to you a bit.


I am a high spirited, innovative, passionate artist with a proven past of delivering treasured portraits to my clients. I am accomplished in many areas of photography- you name it, and there is a good possibility that I have done it and nailed it: Famimy, children, cake smashes, newborns, birth, mini sessions of all sorts, prom, engagement, weddings, events, sports, and pets! 

I know, I know, I LOVE IT ALL, so I photograph it ALL- and I love every minute of it!

I have also had some pretty amazing sessions including unicorns, fairies, Knights, and magical mermaids! 

Yeah, so I pretty do much everything that requires a camera! 

I capture BEAUTIFUL Photographs with your help! 


Ugly pics make clients cry-

I avoid that like the plague!


I create photos that connect people with their magical moments! I help you freeze these priceless memories forever!  I provide the opportunity for you to  treasure these memories,  and to pass  them on as genuine legacies that preserve your family and personal  story! Forever documented- frozen in TIME! 


DIGITAL is my jam. I deliver your portraits on an online gallery that makes it so easy for digital sharing. I also provide an online store that provides PROFESSIONAL PRINTS. It is so user friendly, and so, so convenient to share with all your family and friends. Gone are the days of you having to print and choose pictures for your family! This service allows you the freedom to pass that responsibility on with ease! 


If you are a person, place, thing, or animal....

And you want your picture or (somebody that you love) pictures taken...



It's Been Fun-

Want to talk for real?

Here is how to get in touch with me.

- If you want some candid, artistic, and joyful picturesque art, then you contact me on here.




Or you can always shoot me an email at



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Or if you are in the Springfield/ Rogersville area, 

You can just yell really LOUD!!!

I promise I will hear you, and provide a fun, easy going session!  LET'S CHAT!!!